What is a brand and why is branding so necessary?


According to CIM a brand is “The set of physical attributes of a product or service, together with the beliefs and expectations surrounding it”. A brand typically has a range of attributes including a logo, brand colours, a strap line, a personality, tone of voice and values. 


EMBlog - What is a brand


We've applied the above to McDonalds as an example.

EMBlog - What is a brand - McDonald's



In order to build up a brand you need to embark on branding. Branding helps distinguish a brand from competitors, build brand recognition and facilitate brand loyalty in the brands sector. Strong branding can help with the following:


  • Help grow your reputation
  • Give you leverage and trust in your sector
  • Build financial value
  • Generate new customers


If you feel like your company is lacking strong branding to give you an identity which can propel you further into your market feel free to contact us to find out how we can help. We take a tailored approach to solve your branding requirements.